Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy (SECAS) meeting of federal and state Points of Contact

Six LCCs have joined forces with the Southeast Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, and the Southeast Natural Resource Leaders Group (regional federal agency leaders), to promote the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy or SECAS.  The Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy (SECAS) is a shared, long-term vision for lands and waters that sustain fish and wildlife populations and improve human quality of life across the southeastern United States and Caribbean.

Successful development of SECAS, which will incorporate the science-based landscape conservation designs of the 6 Southeast LCCs, will provide a comprehensive vision for a desired future conservation landscape in the Southeast US.  This vision and the collaborative SECAS forum will guide decision making to generate more robust conservation outcomes aimed at sustaining fish and wildlife populations and maintaining/improving human quality of life between now and 2060.  

The first iteration of this Southeast conservation landscape design will be presented at the Southeast Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies fall 2016 meeting.

Southeast LCCs participating in SECAS

  1. South Atlantic LCC 
  2. Peninsular Florida LCC 
  3. Gulf Coast Prairie LCC 
  4. Appalachian LCC 
  5. Caribbean LCC 
  6. Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks LCC 


The SECAS working group (located on the website) contains a full list of documents, meeting notes, discussions, and current efforts related to SECAS.

Key documents

(a reverse chronological list of documents pertaining to the evolution of the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy)

Fall 2015 SECAS Directors' Brief delivered at SEAFWA 2015

Fall 2014 SECAS Progress Summary Report

July 2014 factsheet explaining SECAS

The Southeastern Conservation Adaptation Strategy: A Conservation Landscape for the Future, presented at the 2013 North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference. 

Invitation to SECAS Workshop at SEAFWA, October 2012

Ed Carter (TWRA) SECAS Letter to SEAFWA Directors, March 2012

A Future Conservation Landscape to Sustain Fish & Wildlife in the Southeast, A  Briefing Document for SEAFWA Directors, October 25, 2011 

Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy: Conservation Landscape of the Future, Briefing to the Directors - progress/status report, Oct. 25, 2011

SECAS GIS Factsheet

Factsheet: A new vision for conservation into the future - The Southeastern Conservation Adaptation Strategy

Wildlife Habitat Policy Research Program or WHPRP: Our Nation's Wildlife Habitats - completing an integrated system for conserving their values and benefits in a changing world  (synthesis report)

Wildlife Habitat Policy Research Program or WHPRP: Completing a Wildlife Habitat System for the Nation (summary of results)

Wildlife Habitat Policy Research Program or WHPRP: Our Nation’s Wildlife Habitat System: Framing Solutions for a More Strategic Approach (recommendations)

A Question of Relevance: For Whom and of Whom Do We Work and Serve, September 2011, by Carter P. Smith, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department