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The GCPO LCC is part of a national network of Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) working in partnership with other landscape conservation initiatives.  The term landscape, in this context, means working at very large scales encompassing interconnected ecosystems and human uses.  

The GCPO LCC's neighboring Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

Even at a landscape scale, many issues transcend LCC boundaries, so the GCPO LCC is an active partner in several conservation initiatives that include neighboring LCCs.  The LCCs with which the GCPO LCC regularly collaborate are generally defined by ecological similarities and shared issues, "nested" within one another.  These include:

     U.S. Gulf of Mexico LCCs

The GCPO LCC is an active partner in several conservation initiatives that include these neighboring LCCs along the Gulf of Mexico.  Broad regional Gulf of Mexico initiatives include the Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment.

     Southeast LCCs

  1. South Atlantic LCC 
  2. Peninsular Florida LCC 
  3. Gulf Coast Prairie LCC 
  4. Appalachian LCC 
  5. Caribbean LCC 
  6. Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks LCC

These 6 LCCs have joined forces with the Southeast Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, and the Southeast Natural Resource Leaders Group (regional federal agency leaders), to promote a unified and coordinated vision for conservation in the Southeast, called the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy or SECAS.

     Our “Neighboring LCC Network” 

This list includes LCCs that share our borders, as well as LCCs that "share" states with the GCPO region.  The GCPO’s LCC Network includes:

  1. South Atlantic LCC (border)
  2. Peninsular Florida LCC (shares FL)
  3. Gulf Coast Prairie LCC (border)
  4. Appalachian LCC (border)
  5. Caribbean LCC (SECAS partner)
  6. Eastern Tallgrass and Big Rivers LCC (border)
  7. Great Plains LCC (shares OK, TX)
  8. Upper Midwest & Great Lakes LCC (shares IL)


Wider LCC Network

The GCPO LCC region is also encompassed within the sphere of numerous Climate Science Centers and Climate Hubs.  The LCC collaborates with:

     Three USGS Climate Science Centers

     Two NOAA Climate Partnerships

     Three USDA Regional Climate Hubs


Wider LCC Network News

You can get the latest from the southeast network of Landscape Conservation Cooperatives from the Southeast Climate Science Center's LCC Network page