CHJV Glade Conservation Assessment

Central Hardwoods Joint Venture Glade Conservation Assessment for the Interior Highlands and Interior Low Plateaus of the Central Hardwoods Region

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The glade conservation assessment is a collaborative effort among 8 states to document the current status and distribution of  24 distinct glade ecosystems and their associated species of conservation concern within the Central Hardwoods Bird Conservation Region, as well as the Ouachita Mountains to the south. This area includes portions of the Interior Highlands (Missouri, northern Arkansas, and extreme eastern Oklahoma); Interior Low Plateau Highlands (Tennessee, Kentucky, southern Indiana and Illinois, and northern Alabama); and Interior Low Plateau Bluegrass (Kentucky and Tennessee). The Central Hardwoods Joint Venture, a public-private partnership for bird conservation (see, has targeted glades and associated glade-woodland complexes as natural communities capable of providing high-quality habitat for several priority bird species, including Prairie Warbler, Blue-winged Warbler, Field Sparrow, Northern Bobwhite, Eastern Wood-Pewee, and others. While the CHJV’s mission is to conserve viable populations of priority bird species within the Central Hardwoods Bird Conservation Region, we also recognize the importance of glade complexes in conserving other flora and fauna of conservation concern. 

The CHJV assessment region also encompasses U.S. Forest Service lands including the Mark Twain, Shawnee, Hoosier, Ozark-St. Francis, and Ouachita national forests. Thirty-one plant species and 12 animal species are recognized as U.S. Forest Service Regional Forester Sensitive Species (RFSS). Broad-scale conservation assessments are valuable tools that are essential to identifying conservation management actions on Forest Service lands.

This assessment documents what is known and unknown about the species of conservation concern associated with shallow bedrock glade natural communities. It provides the background information needed to develop a plan of action to conserve glade ecosystems and their extant species of conservation concern.

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