The GCPO LCC Partnership Advisory Council serves as a forum to engage various conservation partnerships with planning responsibilities within the GCPO geography (joint ventures, fish habitat partnerships, etc.) and to facilitate sharing of information, including projects, priorities, and leveraging resources.

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PAC members were consulted at the end of 2014 to get their input on potential FY2015 GCPO LCC projects.  

The January 2015 meeting included a review of the proposed project spreadsheet, which was developed in a late 2014 PAC call plus subsequent input of the participants via Meetingsphere.  View 2015 PAC notes & list of proposed projects.

The task in this meeting was to review the projects for correctness and completeness, discuss them, and determine whether some projects should be taken off the table. At the end of the meeting, discuss how we would rank these and come up with final recommendations. 

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