Thanks very much to all who attended the recent meeting of the GCPO Geomatics Working Group on August 22nd.  We had a fruitful discussion on the LCC's role in assisting with review and edits to the national Protected Areas Database - managed by the USGS GAP program.  We were fortunate to have Lisa Johnson, PAD-US coordinator and Larry Orman, PAD-US Cooperator present on recent PAD-US updates.  Notes from the discussion are provided below, as well as a link to Lisa's presentation slides.  

Notes from the discussion are available here.  Also you may download Lisa Johnson's  PAD-US Overview presentation.  We suggest you view it in presentation mode.  Lisa also encouraged us to share the USGS Announcement and updated PAD-US Fact Sheet within your networks.  

There are also some additional upcoming PAD-US Overview webinars offered by USGS on Aug 30th (3 ET) and Sept 27 (1 ET) if interested.  Details for the webinars are included in the USGS announcement linked above 

Also, see the PAD-US Website and new companion site for additional information and to access features demonstrated by Larry Orman on the call.  The PAD-US team is available to answer questions or discuss needs anytime, and is very interested in hearing from the LCCs, especially about your opinions and application of PAD-US!

The LCC Geomatics staff will be discussing opportunities for the LCC to provide input to the PAD-US inventory with our collaborators and the national LCC data management group. There is an opportunity, given some of the PAD-US limitations in the GCPO LCC geography, that we could pilot a larger LCC review effort.  If we pilot a review we will likely focus first on inventory completeness, particularly in some states with limited information.  We will likely not focus on review of local protected areas as these are being completed by a separate national project.  However, there is opportunity to focus on non-federal data within our geography.  A good starting point may be the comments made on maps during the GCPO LCC Blueprint workshops earlier in 2016.

Meanwhile, the PAD-US team will resume work on "Federal" and "Non-federal" versions of the PAD-US Review Tool in a few weeks, with focus on  

1) Inventory completeness (presence / absence)

2) Name 

3) Owner and manager

4) GAP Code

5) Public Access

If you would like to contact PAD-US, Lisa asked that I share her information below.  Thanks again to Lisa and Larry and all attendees for your participation.

Lisa Johnson

Protected Areas Database of the United States (PAD-US) Coordinator

FGDC Federal Lands Working Group Co-Chair

USGS Gap Analysis Program - BSU Cooperator



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