MRLC Annual Meeting Notes

The Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium (MRLC) met for their 2016 annual meeting in Raleigh, NC back in April and released notes on the meeting earlier this summer.   We're sharing these notes with you because they are full of valuable information about forthcoming releases of national geospatial datasets that will give you a heads up for your conservation planning activities.

Key updates include:

  • Release of NLCD 2016 scheduled for 2018.

  • NLCD 2011 accuracy assessment has been completed.

  • USFS working on new tree canopy change product.

  • N.A. land change monitoring system being finalized.

  • New USGS wetland mapping initiative underway.

  • NOAA C-CAP is considering a hybrid 1 m and 30 m land cover product for coastal regions.

  More details can be found in the notes link below:


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