Gulf Coast messages that work

The following answers to a quiz (based on a public poll) posted in the June 2013 News & Views provide insight into what kinds of communication work on the Gulf Coast:

76% of the Gulf public backs using RESTORE funding primarily for coastal restoration - test yourself on why

True or False?

1. T   F   Voters concerned about oil spill damage also recognize Gulf systems as threatened and polluted.     FALSE

2. T   F   Voters are overwhelmingly concerned about water, and protecting river water quality, dunes and beaches.  TRUE

3. T   F   Voters generally do not recognize the value of natural systems as protective barriers along the coast.  FALSE

4. T   F   "Natural infrastructure" is not a good term to use when referring to Gulf ecosystems.  TRUE

5. T   F   "Resilience" is something that people recognize & understand when it comes to themselves, but not the land.  TRUE

6. T   F    Cultural connections to the Gulf are strong, but not an effective argument for conservation.  FALSE

7. T   F   Climate change is generally recognized as affecting Gulf ecosystems and important in conservation planning.  FALSE

8. T   F   Local messengers on the "front lines," such as firefighters and local scientists, make the best messengers.   TRUE

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