Conservation Communication Tools & Resources

The Arthur M. Sackler Colloquia, National Academy of Science, "The Science of Science Communication" presentations available on YouTube.

UC Davis "Digital Story Training Guide" - for private landowners and others with a story to tell

The Scientist Videographer is a blog created by Karen L. McKee, Ph.D., Research Ecologist with the USGS at the National Wetlands Research Center and an accomplished science videographer - to help communicators learn more about how to make videos that interpret science.

Networking Tools:

The Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and working groups within it, operate through virtual networks when in-person meetings are not possible.  Here are tools to assist with collaboration:


Chat: have an online conversation with others within the LCC who are logged in at the same time

Doodle poll:  obtain a link that allows many people to designate their best times for a meeting or conference call. Free and can be used without joining. another web-based means of collaborating on the development of documents.

Google docs: share large documents online and co-edit - accessible only with gmail addresses.

Dropbox: another way to store and share large files - can share selectively or create a link for everyone to access a large document from "the cloud" - the free version limits storage space.

Meeting Sphere: software for net conferencing that includes easy-to-use polling, brainstorming, and audience analysis tools.  Free 1-month trials, then by subscription only.  This software was used by the SALCC in their award-winning process for engaging their Steering Committee.

Anymeeting:  Host a webinar or video conference for free.  Very quick and easy to set up - great as backup if paid service is unavailable!  Service is paid for through small ads that pop up occasionally and can be deleted quickly.

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