The Adaptation Science Management Team is a technical team comprised of researchers and managers representing a cross-section of geographic, organizational, and resource perspectives from across the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks region.  Read or download the ASMT 2012 charter.

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The ASMT reassembled in the summer of 2015 to serve as the core planning group responsible for developing the GCPO's Conservation Blueprint.  The team will use principles of Landscape Conservation Design to develop version 1 of the Blueprint over the course of the next year based on Ecological Assessments, outputs of funded projects, and available data.  Subsequently, the team will work to transform the static products of the Blueprint into a dynamic Strategy Framework capable of forecasting the likely impacts of landscape changes.  The work of the ASMT will be vetted by the larger conservation community of the GCPO through a series of stakeholder workshops.  The Blueprint developed through this iterative social process will be an integral part of the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy.

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Spring 2016


The Adaptation Science Management Team is a formally chartered group of scientists and managers that serve as the forum for coordination and communication among LCC partners in the technical aspects of achieving the GCPOLCC’s mission. The Team serves at the nexus of science and management and strives to provide the Partnership the proper balance between scientific rigor and operational reality in achieving its priorities. 

The Steering Committee has empowered the Team to:

1) Identify the technical challenges inherent in achieving the goals of the GCPOLCC Partnership, outline solutions for overcoming these challenges, and provide recommendations on preferred approaches, tasks, timing, and projects.

2) Develop and refine the overarching framework for a regional Conservation Adaptation Strategy.

3) Identify and prioritize science needs for the GCPOLCC Partnership, in the context of a regional Conservation Adaptation Strategy

More information on the function and form of the ASMT can be found in the Team's charter.

The ASMT helped develop the GCPO LCC's draft Integrated Science Agenda, which identified key knowledge gaps that were addressed in the GCPO LCC 2013 Request for Proposals.

View a summary of all the steps and meetings leading to development of the GCPO LCC Science Agenda.

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