Ecological Assessments

From late 2014 through 2016, the GCPO LCC has been preparing initial Ecological Assessments of 9 priority habitat systems, which will form the basis for a first-of-its-kind "State of the GCPO" report.  The Assessments use existing LCC-wide digital geospatial datasets to quantify expert-defined metrics of habitat quality.  The Assessments inform the LCC's Landscape Conservation Design process, which will spatially depict priority sites and habitats for inclusion in a habitat conservation network across the region and across the Southeast.

Development of the State of the GCPO report includes the following products for each of the 9 priority habitat systems:

  • A full Ecological Assessment report, with detailed information on data sources and references.
  • An Assessment-in-Brief, which summarizes key results in 6 to 10 pages.
  • A series of datasets organized into "galleries," housed on the GCPO LCC Conservation Planning Atlas, which were used in the Ecological Assessment analyses OR a condition index map that shows the status of each priority habitat type when all measurable endpoints are combined (see Blueprint for more detail on this process).

Additionally, some habitats also have posters or other materials that have been developed over the course of the Assessment.

Draft Introduction to the GCPO LCC Ecological Assessment

Poster on "Assessing the Ecological State of Priority Aquatic & Terrestrial Habitats of the GCPO Region" - October 2014


Open Pine:

Medium-Low Gradient Streams & Rivers:


Upland Hardwoods:

Upland Streams:

Forested Wetlands:

Mainstem "Big" Rivers:

Beaches & Dunes:

Estuarine Tidal Marsh:

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